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Temperatures Not to Cross 50°C, Clarifies Met Dept.


The Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued a clarification that temperature in Karachi would not cross 50°C.

The Met department has denied the prevailing rumors that the city is going to experience another heat wave over the next few days.

As per the spread rumors, temperatures in Karachi would be increasing more than 50°C mark in the days to come.

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Sardar Sarfaraz—the Director PMD said that these rumors had been everywhere on social media since Eid. He gave an explanation that a tropical depression in the region of Arabian Sea had transformed into a storm.

However there is no threat to Karachi, the Director PMD said that adding that the storm is directed towards westwards and would hit Oman. He has given advise to the people to ignore the rumors and enjoy the weather.

On Monday moderate rain was received by Karachi. According to Sarfaraz showers are likely to continue until the 25th till the 26th of September.

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