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Telenor Self-Service ATM Booths launched all over Pakistan

Telenor has launched its self-service ATM looking booths all over Pakistan. These booths will allow Telenor customers to get different Telenor and Easy Paisa services. They can avail them as per their ease and convenience. Also, the ATMs like booths will be open 24/7.

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The Telenor booth can be compared to an ATM machine. A biometric verification system is placed inside. Via these, booths Telenor users can easily avail easy paisa and Telenor services. They will not have to go to Telenor franchises to avail these services. Also, the franchises have long queues and they close at 5 in the evening, but there is no such issue with Telenor ATMs-like booths. Visit the booths at any time, and on any day without any hassle.

The Telenor booths have incorporated the technologies used in the banks of Pakistan to come up with a variety of options for the users. These services can now be availed at various points all over Pakistan.

Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan Bilal Kazmi said, “Through this initiative, we aim to empower the customers by transferring accessibility of Telenor & Easypaisa services into customers’ own hands while reducing dependency on physical outlets characterized with long queues and waiting time. Being a customer-centric organization, we are evolving the processes and channels to serve our customer better and we shall continue to introduce innovative ways to bring the best to our customers.”

Services offered by Telenor booth includes, purchase of a new SIM card, replace an old SIM card, avail  Easy Load top-ups, buy an easy card, open your bank account, transfer money through easy paisa and also register your complaints at the very moment through the self-service Telenor booth.

As per Telenor Pakistan, these booths will be placed all over Pakistan in a strategically planned manner. Presently they are available in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala. More booths will be added in other cities as well.

The aim of Telenor by launching self-service booth system is to improve the lives of its customers for the better. Save the time of the users by providing more options. Allow them to easily access Telenor services. Thus Telenor wants to strengthen its position in Pakistan by offering attractive options to its users.

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