Telenor Pakistan Will Revolutionize Agriculture Sector In Punjab

“Connected Agriculture Platform Punjab” is a program collaborated by Telenor Pakistan, Telenor Microfinance Bank, Agriculture Department of the Government of Punjab and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The aim of PTIB is to use the amount of potential presented by Digital Mobile Technology, mobile banking services and mobile penetration to elevate the agricultural economy of Punjab.

Why Telenor Pakistan is the ideal partner in this project?The communication network, Telenor, is the biggest cellular operator and service provider of mobile finance in rural areas of Punjab. This makes Telenor ideal partner in this project.

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Program points:

  • Loans that are interest free would be paid through EasyPaisa Mobile Wallets to small holder peasants
  • A digital platform would be developed by Telenor containing various mobile apps to aid farmers in Punjab. Modern agricultural practices would be made accessible to the farmers along with easy accessibility of agri experts thus yield would be improved
  • Provide 3G/4G smartphones to more than 500,000 farmers along with free SIM card and data packages
  • To create awareness in farmers’ facilitation centers would be built in Punjab that would provide training to the farmers.
  • Elevate the lifestyle of farmers by introducing technology
  • Bridge gap between farmers and modern technology by providing easy access to financial aid, faster internet and expert advice

Other than this Telenor has been part of other development programs like joining hands with Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board (PLDDB) in order to push women participation in agriculture sector.

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