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Telenor #JoMeinChahoon Campaign is Getting Viral on Social Media

Telenor introduced this campaign #JoMeinChahoon with an aim to empower Pakistan and make them believe that they can achieve their dreams.

Telenor 4G – Jo Har Pakistani Chahay

Imagine a society where every individual is recognized for their individuality and is empowered to bring that inner streak to the forefront. With Telenor Pakistan’s data solutions, we aim to see you as a person and not a people, we see your dreams, aspirations and give you the data you need to shine as an individual. #JoMeinChahoon

Geplaatst door Telenor Pakistan op woensdag 25 oktober 2017


It is to tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry that they are special and they can fulfill all their dreams and do whatever they want to do in life.

The hashtag #JoMeinChahoon has become viral on social media. Pakistani individuals have stepped up and shared their own stories, challenges, and experiences and ended the post with the hashtag #JoMeinChahoon.

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The aim of this campaign is to bring confidence in every individual that they can follow their dreams and shine brightly. #JoMeinChahoon is possible, it’s a dream that can become a reality. Also if everyone tries to achieve what they want to in life, the world will become a peaceful place to live in. Everyone has a right to this life, to live it the way they want and they should be given that chance. Moreover, no one should ever give up on their dreams. A failure is an option but losing faith in your dreams is not. Always believe in yourself, in your talent and keep hoping.  Telenor with all of us wants to create a progressive, healthy society, where no one is better than the other. We are all equal and we can surely achieve whatever we want. #JoMeinChahoon

Let’s look at some #JoMeinChahoon stories on social media