Telenor 4G Mifi Packages and Bundles

Telenor 4G MiFi provides individuals with the 24-hour internet, whether you are home or traveling out the faster 4G internet would accompany you anywhere, everywhere. Telenor MiFi is rapidly growing with 4G 850 MHz network, it is portable having rechargeable battery and it connects to 16 multiple connections

The packages of Telenor 4G MiFi are:

Bundle (Monthly) Price Volume (GB) Bonus Vol (GB) Total Volume (GB)
4G Lite 1,500 25 7 32
4G Smart 2,200 55 28 83
4G Value 3,800 100 50 150
4G Unlimited 6,000 180 90 270

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Benefits of Telenor 4G MiFi:

  • Reliable: You can rely on Telenor 4G MiFi with its fast speed and efficient network signals.
  • Convenient: You can use the internet via Telenor 4G MiFi wherever you are in office, at home or traveling
  • Economic: It provides users six hours of active usage and if it’s in standby mode it provides 300 hours.
  • Very fast: It is very fast, thus saving users energy and time
    Connect with friends: Not just you can benefit from Telenor 4G MiFi but you can share it with ten friends and family members as well.

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