Telegram’s circular video messages are being copied by WhatsApp

The Meta-owned social media platform WhatsApp is ready to test another new feature for its users. Reportedly, the company is testing a new feature for video messages. Just like the audio messages, users can record and send short videos. the feature is currently under testing. It is available to beta testers of both Android and iOS. The feature will expectedly roll out to all users in the upcoming weeks.

A new feature to enhance the video messaging experience on the app

WhatsApp is among the most commonly used messaging apps. It has around two billion users globally. In several countries, the app is ranked at the top. Besides this, the app is not feature-rich. It misses out on several features found on other similar platforms. However, the company is slowly and gradually adding new features to the app. It has rolled out several updates with new features over the course of the previous few months.

As of now, the company is ready to push another major update to the platform. Although users can send videos via the app. Users can share videos saved in the gallery or use the camera to record and send a video. These videos, however, lack a feeling of a sense of urgency The video still transmits as a standard video file even if it is captured and sent in real-time.

With the new feature, users could record videos from the chat screen. Videos of as long as one minute can be recorded. The microphone button will serve a dual function i.e., it could be used to record videos. the microphone button will swap between the two options with every click.

The recorded videos are circular

Additionally, videos taken with this function are circular. They don’t seem like a distinct video file; they blend in with the conversation. The fact that the video is being recorded in real-time during the conversation will be obvious to the recipients. As of now, there is no information on whether the videos will be saved to the gallery or not. It means that a user might not be able to send the same video to someone else. Besides this, the videos can’t be even forwarded by recipients. However, the current video feature on the app doesn’t display these features i.e., they can be saved to the gallery.