Telegram latest update let users translate chats and an annual Premium subscription offer

In December 2022, Telegram released a huge update for its iOS application that was able to hide media, remove cache files automatically, and much more. The company is planning to update the platform majorly. The latest version of the application will be able to translate whole chats and also introduce a new annual subscription for Telegram premium customers.

The platform’s most recent updates are now available.

As per information from Telegram, the latest update is coming up with 10 new features.

Picture maker

This feature allows users to save any sticker as their profile picture for their personal account or any group chat.In the latest version of the app, the emojis are also organised within categories.

Network usage

This section of the application is completely updated. With this advancement of a feature, users will be able to see the amount of data used by Telegram along with pie chart details. It will show separate data for cellular and Wi-Fi.

Group administration

This feature allows the admin of groups to categorise the type of data that the users of the group will be able to share. This option gives a variety of photos, videos, GIFs, audios, and other files. The most amazing feature regarding this option is that the whole chat can be translated. Those who have the premium version of the application can translate messages in the group chats or even in private chats.

Premium users are able to translate the chats, groups, and channels by just tapping on the translator bar at the top. Through the option bar, you are able to select the languages into which chat is translated. All users can translate any messages from the chat by selecting them and tapping on “translate.”

However, the latest update is offering many new features other than these. The latest features include interactive emojis, chat selection for bots, and re-logging in using Apple or Google IDs, along with a 40% discount on premium subscriptions. In the premium version, you are able to unlock many more features by subscribing. Although a subscription to the app can cost much more than an iOS application,

The application is available for free on the app store. The app requires a later version of iOS on an iPhone or iPad. You can read much more about this update on the official website for the application.