Telegram introduces improved bots, shareable chat folders, and more

Telegram just released an update that addresses a critical problem for working professionals. You can now join numerous chat channels or groups at once using the messaging app. The new Shareable chat folders may be used to quickly integrate new hires into every relevant business talk. You may simply set up a new chat system for your team or organization using the same tool. The new functionality also allows non-professional users to add their pals to several chats at once. In the past, you had to personally invite or add new members to each group or channel.

Now users can create multiple invite links for the shareable chat folders. Just create a link and share the chats with your friends or colleagues. Furthermore, a unique name could be assigned to each link. It will help the receiver to identify the purpose of any respective shared chat folder. The receiver will have access to all groups and channels. These could be joined with a single tap. In case a user adds more chats to a folder, the updated link can also be shared. Every member will have access to join the newly added chats. Chat folders can be created from the Settings menu.

Improved bots and custom wallpapers

Moreover, the company has introduced improved bots as well. Now, any chat on the messaging platform may launch a seamless online app. To access it right away, use a direct URL or the bot’s username. Members of Telegram groups can also collaborate using web applications. This function is available to both free and premium users.

Additionally, Telegram now supports custom wallpapers in one-on-one chats. A unique message with a link to the customized wallpaper will be sent to the other party each time you set one up. They might use the same wallpaper or make their own to apply to their side. Additionally, Telegram has improved the attachment menu’s super-fast scrolling so you can quickly find older attachments.

The latest update of the app brings detailed read receipts to groups of under 100 members. Users can now visualize the time when other group members read their messages. Holding the Send button now activates Send When Online in private chats. Finally, users can now immediately create groups without adding members. Before adding members, users can set up permissions and establish group rules.