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Telegram App is Down in Pakistan

Telegram is an interesting app providing an alternative option to WhatsApp. Currently, it is facing issues in Pakistan. Telegram Web is inaccessible in the country currently. Since last night the app has been down and millions of Telegram users are unable to use it. This must be noted that Telegram is only down in Pakistan. In other countries around the world it is working perfectly fine. This means that the issue is internet and maybe Pakistani authorities have blocked it.

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Telegram offers chat messaging just like WhatsAp. Its strength lies in its encrypted and secure messaging, uncompressed images option, capacity to send larger files etc. The app is available on smart phones and tablets for iOS, Android, and various oother platforms. So users can send and receive the message, photos and start secure conversations with their friends.

Telegram has also introduced a very intetesting feature just recently. Now Telegram Group chats can have 30,000 members. Admins will have more powers to control the group members and keep harmony in the group.

These tweets express the trouble Pakistani people are having with Telegram App