Telecom Imports Rise to $333.701 Million in Q1 2017-2018 – Research Snipers

Telecom Imports Rise to $333.701 Million in Q1 2017-2018

In the first quarter of this fiscal year, the telecom product imports have risen to $333.701 million. This year telecom imports have gone up by 22% compared to last year.

July-September 2016-17 imports were worth $273.895 million while this year in the same time period import recorded was 333.701 million. This is as per data displayed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). Import of mobile phones displayed most growth of 30.18% during first three months of this fiscal year in comparison to last fiscal year. $190.795 million worth growth was seen in mobile phone import this year compared to $146.566 million during last year.

Other than mobile phones, import of other telecom products also saw an increase. From $127.329 million last year, the import went up to $142.906 million this fiscal year. This is an increase of 12.23%.

On a year-on-year basis, telecom imports in the country decreased by 0.43%. This decrease is in comparison of September 2017 with September 2016. In September 2016 import recorded was $103.229 million while in September 2017 import recorded was $102.781 million.

Mobile imports raised on year on year basis. They increased by 14.01%. $61.403 million was recorded in September 2017 while in September 2016 it was $53.859 million. On a month-on-month basis, telecom imports went down by 12.08 percent in September 2017.

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