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Telecom Draws 1.5m New Users in 3 Months

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The customers base of the cellular mobile operators has observed a significant growth as they have drawn nearly 1.5 million new users to their network in the first quarter of the present financial year.

The major reason that led to this addition was an increase in the demand of mobile internet among consumers across the country.

The markers given by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on the complete mobile phone users indicated that until June 2018, the count of the total subscribers was 150.2 million while the count surged to nearly 151.7 million by September 2018.

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The growth of the cellular phone users making use of the mobile internet service was observed owing to the sifting of customers from using voice and tax services to data services.

New consumers, mostly belonging to the younger age group and live mostly in the urban areas, are making use of the mobile internet at an increasing rate for social media and video-broadcasting sites.

The shift towards the usage of internet services has brought in many users to the fold of the telecom sector. Youngsters mostly prefer to have internet services almost all the time available in their phones in order to stay connected with their friends on social media.

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