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Teenagers Spends a lot On Fast Food, says Report

As per the reports of a private news channel on Saturday, the teenagers of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi spend the biggest portion of their pocket money and if working then their earnings on eating in the fast food restaurants with their family and friends.

With the rise and boom of the fast food industry across the country, school children, college students, university pupils and even the young employees are choosing to dine-in at some fast food selling place to have their lunch.

Dining out and eating in hotels and restaurants was earlier a culture practised by the upper middle class or the elite class of Pakistan but now it appears to have become the new “urban culture”.

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The eating habits of the youth of the country have changed phenomenally and with that, the food sector has experienced a boom, as international food chains are opening their outlets throughout the country.

As per the reports the changes were initially noticed back in the 1990s when young boys and girls were seen eating out at various spots on routine basis.

The social media has also played a significant role on the eating habits as many online profiles are used for posting the food pictures and the pictures of young people hanging out, having meals and fun with their friends.

The report observed that on daily basis every restaurant of the twin cities is filled to the capacity all day. This indicates the likeness people have for the fast food in Pakistan.

Ayesha Ahmed one of the students of a local institute said examinations period is the most stressful and that is when the students need to relax the most and they do that by having some good meal at their favourite food spot.

Another student Yusra Azam mentioned that she loves going out with her friends as she loves the taste of food items served in the restaurants.

Point to consider and note is this growing trend towards the junk food in take is not healthy. Everything needs to be adopted and practised in a balanced way. Constant and regular in take of fast food items could lead to severe health issues including obesity, blood pressure, heart disease and some more.

We must not discourage this culture but at least should try to practise it moderately and the same should be taught to the children so that they may lead a healthy and happy life.

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