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Teefa in Real Trouble Because of Anti-Ali Zafar Protestors

It seems that Teefa in Trouble” is actually in trouble! Ali Zafar stuck in the recent controversy of being blamed for sexually harassing Meesha Shafi is among the star cast of the movie. Meesha Shafi accused the Teefa star of harassing her on many occasions. The case has been taken to the court and the legal counsels of both the parties are trying to prove their points. It is pertinent to mention that so far not much has been presented against the Jhoom singer.

Both the celebrity stars were barred from making any further comments on their social media handles regarding the case especially targeting each other. The case filed by Ali Zafar is of defamation against Meesha Shafi.

Teefa in Trouble is a big budget film having an amazing cast which includes—Ali Zafar and Maya Ali as the lead.

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Protests began on Thursday night from Karachi when young people were witnessed protesting silently outside the Nuplex cinema. The movie has been released and before its release, the celebrities were invited to attend the movie premiere.

People are branched into two groups on the matter, one group is of the opinion that since Ali Zafar has not been proved guilty by the court as yet hence his movie should be displayed as all in all the movie is a combo of good music, big budget and beautiful location.

While the other group believes that the movie should not be given any attention as the Teefa star could possibly be a predator, so he should pay for his conduct.

The case is still going on in the court. Let’s just hope that may the whole thing winds up soon as the whole matter is and could cause more suffering and problems for the cast and team of Teefa in Trouble.

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