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Tech Companies Must Do More on Extremism—World Economic Forum

According to a report on Monday by the World Economic Forum the United States technology companies like Twitter Inc and Facebook Inc should be more cautious and vigilant for handling extremism content or political misinformation if they want to avoid counter government action.

The analysis from the non-profit Swiss firm added to the response of pleas for Silicon Valley to stalk the dispersion of extremist content from the Islamic State militants and the use of their facilities by suspected Russian propagandists.

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On Tuesday and Wednesday Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s Google would be presenting in front of the United States lawmakers and their respective counsels would be testifying before the congressional committee on suspected Russian interference in 2016 Unites States presidential elections.

The report from the World Economic Forum’s human rights council notifies and warns the technology firms that they risk the government rules and for that reason, the freedom of speech right would be restricted unless they practice a more active self-control role to avoid such occurrences.

It recommended that firms should carry out a more intense internal review of their services and should know that how the services can be misused and should put in place the more human oversight of material.

In June the German parliament agreed upon a plan of charging social media giants up to fifty million euros in case they fail to delete hateful content punctually. As per the report if this law is actively practiced it would result in the removal of the excessive amount of content present on these social media networks.

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