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TeamViewer Enables Full Remote Access On Android Devices


On smartphones with Android version 7.0 or higher, TeamViewer can now help you with app installations and problems. Until now, it was only possible to divide the screen contents, remote access can now be carried out with active control and keyboard input.

TeamViewer now enables full remote access on Android

From grandparents to colleagues: There can also be situations on smartphones where inexperienced users need some help. With the new “Universal Add-On”, TeamViewer now wants to make this fully possible from a distance. On all Android smartphones that have version 7.0 or higher of the operating system installed, it is now possible to actively control the system remotely and make entries using the keyboard. “Everyone should be able to support their friends, parents, or grandparents, regardless of their Android smartphone,” said TeamViewer CTO Mike Eisele about the presentation.

The company integrates the necessary add-on as an optional download into its “TeamViewer QuickSupport” application, which can refer to more than 10 million downloads. In its basic function, this allows the contents of the screen to be shared with other devices and files to be transferred. After opening, since the last update on supported devices, there is a note under the heading “Addon available”. “This device supports our ‘remote access’ function, the user now has the choice of downloading, the app then redirects to the corresponding entry in the Google Play Store.

Not possible on iOS due to restrictions

IOS device users still have to forego remote access with control and input options. Apple limits third-party providers in providing apps for sharing the screen content. In principle, the company blocks active input from external applications.

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