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Teachers to Boycott Classes in Sindh from Friday Onwards

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The teachers of Sindh government have decided to boycott classes in a gesture of protest for the torture done by the police officials outside the Karachi Press Club.

The teachers are refusing to take classes as a protest against the police torture. They have decided to remain absent from the government schools of Sindh from Friday.

According to an announcement made by the president of government teachers association—Ashraf Khaskheli, the teachers have announced to boycott from the matric examinations from the 1st of April. This means that the matriculation examinations are most likely to be placed at risk.

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As per reports yesterday, during the protest many teachers including the female teachers were affected both by the tear-gas and by police beating. This whole scenario was created in order to stop the protestors from marching forward to the chief minister’s house.

As per the report, teachers present at the press club were demanding for their basic employee rights and for the increase in salaries. Unfortunately, that protest turned into a combat zone when the police attacked the protestors with charged baton and tear-gases in order to stop these protesters for entering the red zone.

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