Teachers Protest Continues outside Karachi Press Club

Teachers’ protests continue outside the Karachi Press Club after the police officers tortured them for moving towards the Chief Minister House.

The demands of the protesting teachers are to increase their salaries and make their jobs permanent. There has been an offer made to negotiate with the commissioner and conduct a meeting with the CM on 28th December. Despite this, the protest continues.

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The protest started on December 10 from the mausoleum of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai in Bhit Shah. On Monday the protesting teachers reached KPC. Now when the teachers arrived at Karachi Press Club and decided to move forward, the police was positioned in all surrounding areas. The police fired tear gas shells, used water cannon and inflicted injuries on the teachers. Moreover, the protestors were detained as well during the police operation.

Previously teachers were invited by the concerned authorities to discuss the matter with the Commissioner but unfortunately, both the parties were not able to come to any consensus. As per senior officials, the police was forced to take action as protestors were protesting in the Red Zone. Rallies in Red Zone are banned by the provincial government

The leader of the teachers strike decided to hold a hunger strike till their demands are met. It is important for the sake of students and the general public of Karachi that this gets resolved and both the concerned parties negotiate on a neutral ground and come to decision favorable and acceptable to both.

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