Teachers’ Body Demanded Bahria University to Withdraw the “6-Inch Distance” Notification – Research Snipers

Teachers’ Body Demanded Bahria University to Withdraw the “6-Inch Distance” Notification

The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has asked the Bahria University to take back their latest notification having instructions for the male and female students to maintain a distance of six inches between each other when sitting together or making any kind of interaction.

The university has issued this notice to all the students at all three campuses which are in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The notification went viral on social media and was criticised after its issuance in the Karachi campus.

As per the notification the students were strictly ordered to abide by the university’s defined dress code on the university website within the premises of university. Directions were also given that the violators would face disciplinary actions. Furthermore, male and female students were directed to maintain a distance of six inches while sitting or standing together.

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Dr Kaleemullah Barech—the President of FAPUASA, while conversing with local media said that the notification was absurd and created much confusion among the students.

He further said that this notification and all other such notifications in other universities should be taken back immediately. He said this while mentioning that in the past other universities have also issued such dress code notifications.

Mehwish Kamran—the spokesperson of Bahria University defended the notification which as per her has been issued to maintain discipline among the students.

She said that there is nothing wrong with it and defined six-inch distance as a generic term and is considered personal space.

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