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TDAP organizes “SOURCEDIRECT” business expo in Las Vegas USA

Trade development authority of Pakistan (TDAP) now organizes “SOURCEDIRECT” International business event for Pakistani companies to showcase their products in Las Vegas United States.

A four-day expo is scheduled to begin March 11, 2018, till March 14, 2018. Businesses from Pakistan will now have an opportunity to get more exposure in the US market. Businesses that are struggling to reach international clients and buyers can now meet potential buyers face to face with the help of this event.

TDAP is focused on promoting Pakistani businesses locally and internationally with their range of business events in Pakistan and abroad. TDAP offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to explore new opportunities, expand the network and make new connections in their business development.

The products in focus for this particular event includes All kinds of sports goods and sportswear, all kinds of leather garments and fashion accessories, all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, ceramics, all kinds of toys and stationery.

The TDAP also announces a fee for participation in the event which is as follows:

Textile products: Rs374,000

Non-Textile products: Rs311,500

The TDAP also reserves the right to revise the participation fee before the event or change the terms and conditions of participation.

If you are a business and looking for participation in the event, you can contact the TDAP and get registered for the event or visit their website for more information