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Taylor Swift—The Most Influential Person on Twitter in 2018

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The popular singer and songwriter from the United States, who is famous for her many songs including the Love Story—Taylor Swift has been listed as the most influential person on Twitter in 2018. The amazing fact is that she only tweeted thirteen times on the social media platform in the whole year.

Brandwatch—a social media analytics firm reported that Taylor Swift has been referred to as the most influential user to exist and affect on Twitter during the last year. The company further mentioned that she was able to catch an influencer score of 98 out of 100, which is the perfect score.

The analytics company further indicated that it did not just observe the number of tweets done by the users as a lot more is needed for determining which users are ranked as the ones having maximum influence on the user-base available on Twitter. It further mentioned that various metrics were incorporated to identify the genuine engagement a user had stirred.

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Gemma Joyce—who has been linked with Brandwatch as a data journalist said in a blog post that while many followers, replies and retweets would assist the more influential the people they involve with, the better would then be the score.

Taylor Swift was followed by Liam Payne—an ex-artist from the popular singing band One Direction who has since then transformed into a solo artist.

Following Taylor Swift, there was the US President—Donald Trump who scored 96 points and came third.

With the advent of digital age, social media platforms have secured a very important place. More and more people, even those of high influence have started spending a significant amount of their time on social media and contributes a major chunk to it. The fame that the platform has acquired has attracted many more businesses and influencers to it for usage.

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