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Taylor Swift Dedicates her Folklore Album to her Late Grandfather

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, a well-known Hollywood singer dedicates her recently released album Folklore to her late veteran grandfather. Taylor’s latest album Folklore represents proof of her resounding talent.

As per the reports, the Grammy award-winning singer wrote 2 of her songs, from the album, after being enthused by her late paternal grandfather.

Epiphany one of the songs from the album has been written solely from her grandfather’s life viewpoint as a World War II veteran.

Taylor even paid tribute to her late grandfather through another song called Cardigan, all by showcasing a photograph of him right in the middle of the fascinating visuals.

Taylor made these disclosures in one of her interviews. Also, her collaborative artist, Aaron Dessner, even broke down how the entire song was shot and made.

Dessner even gratified upon the creative journey and admitted, I think she just heard it, and instantly, this song came to her, which is really an important one.

He stated that Epiphany is basically the story of her grandfather, who was a soldier and somewhat than a story about a nurse in modern times. I don’t know if this is how she did it, but to me, it’s like a nurse, doctor, or medical professional, where the med school doesn’t fully prepare you for seeing someone pass away or just the difficult emotional things that you’ll bump into in your job. In the past, heroes were just soldiers. Now they’re also medical professionals.

He further added that there are some things that are hard to talk about. You can’t talk about it. You just tolerate witness to them. But there’s something else extremely calming and comforting about this song. According to Dessner, it’s this Icelandic kind of feel, almost classical. He also praised his brother by saying that he also did a really beautiful orchestration of it.

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