Taxi Driver in Islamabad Offers Free Rides to Patients & the Needy

There are times when we see so much hatred, pain, suffering & indifference in our society that we start questioning humanity. Where are the people who are sympathetic and empathetic? Do we still have people left who are selfless? Or is being narcissist the new cool thing around?

And then you come across or hear about a person who is trying to serve the people in every possible way. For whom earning money is secondary to helping the people.

Meet this taxi driver who is offering free rides to patients & needy people in Islamabad.

Free rides for poor & patients, available in F-11 Islamabad. Empathy & generosity is not a rich man’s domain.”

“This cabbie in Islamabad gives free rides to patients and the needy. The Good Samaritan does this charity despite his own problems.”

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“Haven’t seen this much kind and sacrificing nation.. We often think to help others if we have financial resources but greatness is to offer, when we have nothing..!! This taxi driver in Islamabad is offering free rides for patients. Yes this is Pakistan!!!”

“Salute to This Person. He is a Taxi Driver in F _11 Islamabad”

“You do not need large unlimited resources to help someone. You just need a heart who wants to help others. This guy is a taxi driver from Islamabad. He is offering free ride to needy and patients. Masha Allah.”

Here is the number of this taxi driver – 03339887942

It’s inspiring to come across people who are there for others. Especially those who are not rich, who are working hard for their bread and butter when they give back to society it is truly commendable.

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