Tax Department orders ARY to pay Rs992 million in tax

A well-known TV channel of Pakistan ARY Communications (ARY) asked by the Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU), Karachi to pay 992 million rupees as taxes for 2013.

The media network was asked to pay the taxes on the plea which claimed that ARY had evaded taxes through “misrepresentation, concealment, and misuses of exemptions”.

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The alleged tax evasion by the ARY Communications for 2013 has been highlighted at a time when the media channel has already challenged the findings of the Large Taxpayers Unit in Income Tax (Appeals), Zone-I, Karachi.

The chief commissioner of LTU Karachi told the media on Monday that the orders were issued by the tax department when the department found some irregularities in the statements and documents submitted by the taxpayers.

“The tax department issued the order after fulfilling all the legal formalities,” the chief commissioner added. He further said that we were not supposed to disclose the details of the taxpayers in the public.

According to the chief commissioner of LTU Karachi, the case was now at the appeal stage as the taxpayer had challenged the findings of the Large Taxpayers Unit. “I can’t comment on it.”

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