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Tata Nano – World’s Cheapest Car’s Production Discontinued

Ratan Tata conceived and implemented the plan of introducing the world’s cheapest car in the market, namely Tata Nano.

“The fact of unsafe travel was bothering me,” Tata the Chairman of Tata Group said once. “What really motivated me…was constantly seeing Indian families riding on scooters, four or five on a scooter, maybe the child sandwiched between the mother and father…on slippery roads in the dark.”

Now after almost 10 years, the production of Tata Nano is being discontinued. It will be only produced on the demand of the people.

Due to extremely poor sales of the car, the company has decided to discontinue the car production. In June 2018 the company produced only one unit of the car while in June 2017 275 units of the car were produced. So Tata Nano has decided to produce the car on an order-to-order basis. It also means that if the demands stop, the company will officially discontinue the car.

The current price of Tata Nano is Rs 2.25 lakh to Rs 3.20 lakh, making it the most affordable car in India and worldwide.

A spokesperson said,  “Nano has been an iconic car reflecting the innovative spirit of the company and its leaders. Decisions on product lifecycle is a holistic view taken after considering the market developments, regulations and emerging competitive landscape.”

There were also reports that Tata Motors is looking to introduce an electric version of the Nano car to attract the customers again. It appears that Tata Nano is an iconic car so much so that its makers are not ready to let go off completely. Due to poor sales, the company is forced to discontinue the car, and just produce it on order basis.

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