Tarbela Dam Water Level Reaches Peak Point of 1550maf

In Kharif season (July –October) the water shortage in the dams of Pakistan has reached zero. Presently there are around 80000 cusecs surplus water in the rivers/canals of Pakistan. This became possible as the water level in Tarbela Dam reached its maximum peak level of million acre-feet (MAF).

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We do have enough water in our rivers and dams as of now and Indus River System Authority (IRSA) will make sure that Tarbela Dam maintains its peak level of 1550maf till September. It will be ensured that in the Rabi season (starting from 1st October), Pakistan has enough water.

Currently, that is around 80000 cusecs surplus water in the system, which is much more than the demand of the provinces. Tarbela Dam has 6 million acre-feet (MAF) water storage capacity. So the inflows and outflows of river Indus will be the same as there is no storage left in Tarbela dam. Coming to Mangla Dam, the outflows have gone down to 10000 cusecs against 33500 cusecs inflows. The storage capacity of Mangla dam is 8.826 Million Acre Feet (MAF). Till Sunday, 19th August the total inflows were 376000 cusecs and outflows were 308900 cusecs.

Due to low flows in Jhelum and Chenab rivers, there is less likelihood for Mangla Dam to reach its peak level in 2018. Mangla dam’s storage as pf now is 2.662 MAF while it has the capacity to store 7.4 MAF.

The position of the river inflows and outflows

River Indus at Tarbela

  • Inflow: 221600 cusecs
  • Outflows: 178000 cusecs

Kabul at Nowshera

  • Inflow: 41300 cusecs
  • Outflows: 41300 cusecs

Jhelum at Mangla

  • Inflow: 33500 cusecs
  • Outflows: 10000 cusecs

Chenab at Marala

  • Inflow: 79600 cusecs
  • Outflows: 47900 cusecs

Jinnah barrage

  • Inflows: 199700 cusecs
  • Outflows: 191700 cusecs


  • Inflows: 194300 cusecs
  • Outflows: 170000 cusecs


  • Inflows: 178900 cusecs
  • Outflows: 158400 cusecs


  • Inflows: 32400 cusecs
  • Outflows: 18000 cusecs


  • Inflows: 248200 cusecs
  • Outflows: 220300 cusecs


  • Inflows: 198800 cusecs
  • Outflows: 143800 cusecs


  • Inflows: 51800 cusecs
  • Outflows: 10100 cusecs
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