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Tarbela Dam Reached Dead Level, Mangla Dam left with 0.8 MAF of Water

Due to lack of rainfall in Pakistan, the country is hit by the worst water crisis ever witnessed. The largest reservoir in Pakistan Tarbela dam reached a dead level on Sunday. Similarly, Mangla Dam has only 0.8 million acre-feet of water (MAF).

At 6 am on Sunday Tarbela dam came on the run of the river by reaching the dead level of 1386 feet. There is no water storage left in Tarbela Dam. The water inflows at Tarbela have gone down to 1,15,000 cusecs per day and outflows are at 1,23,700 cusecs.

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In Chashma barrage the water is left just for a couple of days that can fulfill the needs of people living in Punjab and Sindh province. Last year during the same time Pakistan had 7MAP of stored water left in both the dams.

Lack of monsoon rainfall is quite disturbing but there is a chance that by Tuesday the second spell of monsoon rain will start. In Skardu, one of the coolest places of Pakistan, the temperature has gone up to 29-degree centigrade which is extremely alarming. If the monsoon rain is inadequate water crisis will worsen and provincial shares will increase up to 15 to 20%. This will, in turn, affect the crop growth of rice, sugarcane, and cotton.

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