Tang Pakistan sponsors Project Ghazi Movie

project ghazi

Tang, global leader in powered soft drinks, a brand name manufactured by Mondelez Pakistan, wholly subsidiary of Mondelez International has decided to sponsor first ever Pakistan’s super hero film named “Project Ghazi”, the movie is staged to release on July 14.

The trailer of this upcoming movie was first unveiled at the ceremony where Project Ghazi Team and Mondelez Pakistan got together. Managing director Mondelez Pakistan, Usman Muneer addressed the audience in which he told the production challenges in the film and Tang’s sponsorship and cooperation for Project Ghazi.

It is quite astonishing to see that Pakistan’s Cinema and film industry is heading towards an entirely new direction as compared to the past, very talented, energetic and educated people are joining the industry. The film is unique in its genre especially in Pakistan with blatantly strong narrative and talented cast. We therefore, looking into strengthening our collaborative relationship in the future. Said, Usman Muneer.

Director of Project Ghazi said, Project Ghazi is the first ever super hero movie in Pakistan it will be proved as footrest to the rest of the industry. The movies in this genre are admired internationally as it appeals to larger audience. We should play sufficient role in promoting scalable art and culture, moreover we need to send positive message to our youth and expatriate, hence, these types of movies will help attaining this goal.

Project Ghazi was shot entirely within Pakistan, Taurees Habib produced background music in the film who was the part of music team in several Hollywood movies such as; Interstellar, Superman, Man of steel, Batman and few others.

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