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Tandoori Chai Gets Viral in Pakistan

tandoori chai

Tandoori Chai gets viral in Pakistan.

It’s a chai which cannot be found anywhere else except at Sanaullah’s street stall in Islamabad. The chai is served in terracotta mugs, freshly made in the traditional oven.  Every day in the evening a crowd of people goes to his stall to taste the tea.

Old- fashioned cups are put in a tandoor directly. They are kept there for a while to be baked at a high temperature.

The tea which is made separately is then poured into those cups which are baked already. When the tea enters the cup and touches its walls, it starts to boil.

In a country like Pakistan, simple classic milk tea, strong and a little bit sweet is something that dominates society. But this tandoori chai attracts people with its traditional style and different taste.

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Tandoor in south Asia is basically used to bake bread.

The owner of the shop and mastermind behind this traditional chai says that this way of making tea is the main illustration for many people.

He also adds that the style of making this tea is unique which attracts people, also the smoky flavor added in the tea is also a source of attraction for many.

He mentioned the name of a frequent customer who visits very often, Muhammad Ishaq Khawar.

He explained that the way of serving the tea makes it different from the old age days when the terracotta cups were used for the serving of the tea.

This product seems a bit niche, but it has become famous widespread that the Tandoori Chai Company Cafes located in Lahore is expanding its Branch to a second one.

Coffee is taking over the culture of tea around the main cities in Pakistan, but it is mentioned in the menu cards and is one of the essential in the daily menu.

Pakistan is one of the top consumers of tea. According to a research 73%, Pakistanis are tea drinkers taking in 2 or more than 2 cups each day.

A customer at a small eatery, Mohammad Asim Khan, says that chai is now being mixed in our blood.

He further added that here people use tea as a mood freshener, they consume a cup of tea to get rid of physical fatigue.

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