Tallest Indoor Waterfall opens at Singapore Airport

Tallest waterfall

Singapore Airport Jewel Changi now features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Rain Vortex is a waterfall of rainwater.

It is seven storey tall with a 131-foot drop and per minute it can channel 10,000 gallons of water. The waterfall was designed by the Safdie Architects.

The airport will open by next week but visitors did saw a preview of the waterfall. The price of the complex is around $1.26 billion and it has three new terminals. It is an extension of the existing 38-year-old airport in Singapore.

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Head architect Moshe Safdie, “The Jewel toroidal inverse dome creates a new kind of spatial experience, a daylit vast landscaped garden, combined with seven levels of shopping and airport facilities. Light penetrates everywhere, while the roof drains through the dome to create a dramatic waterfall, dropping seven stories to the lowest building level.”

The water from the rainstorms is collected which then irrigates the greenhouse plants and supply the waterfall. The noise of aircraft takeoffs and landings is absorbed by the five-eighths inch gap in each glass pane. It was tested to end any distracting reflections.

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