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Take a Drink at The Bangkok’s “Death Awareness” Cafe

Are you a coffee lover? If yes then you would feel right at Bangkok’s new “death awareness” café, a chilling, Buddhist spin on the café based on a crazy theme where the customers would be forced to face their own death and as result of that live much better lives.

On the menu there are drinks named as “death” and “painful” and a skeleton spread out on a couch in the corner, the meet-your-maker theme is alive and well at this open-air lunch site in the Thai capital.

The café is provided with a decorated white coffin where customers are motivated to lay down for a few minutes to experience their final death moments and doing this would enable them to secure a discount on a drink.

Duanghatai Boonmoh—a 28-year-old shared his experience with a laugh and said that it was like she was at a funeral. She was enjoying her “death smoothie” when she was asked for her experience on last Saturday afternoon.

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She and other intrigued customers took turns for climbing into the wooden box as friends sealed the lid.

Duanghatai said that the first thing that came to my mind after coming out of the coffin was what if no one opened the coffin lid.

She added that the feeling of helplessness that you feel when one is inside the coffin is depressing and maybe that leads one to feel that death is near.

The café’s owner says that the restaurant is a lot more than just a trick or dark take on the cute and cuddly shops very common in Thai, which promotes everything from a cat, hoarse and meerkat cafes to a unicorn and mermaid-themed eateries.

Veeranut Rojanaprapa—the professor and social researcher perceived the café as a way for teaching Thai people—out of which ninety percent population as Buddhist regarding the advantages of “death awareness”.

Veeranut explained that the awareness of death lessens the negative feelings of greed and anger.

He believed the Buddhist concept is well rooted in the ideas of selflessness and insubstantiality, is the key to eradicating Thai society of lingering problems like corruption and violence.

He added that one is aware of one’s own death they would be compelled to do more good. This is what is taught by our Buddha teachers.

However, not everyone is happy about this café as they think the café continuously reminds of mortality.

The café has also spread out a public walkway, which is posted with signs and slogans asking questions like “what the purpose of your life is?”

One Netizen wrote on his Facebook page that the idea of this café is super disturbing, and it feels strange to walk there.

Yet, Veeranut says and believe that any controversy is a sign of success.

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