Taji Khokhar Dies In Rawalpindi

Taji Khokhar

One of the most famous personalities of Rawalpindi, Imtiaz Ali Khokhar alias “Taji Khokhar” has passed away today after a long illness. According to the details, Taji Khokhar was the uncle of Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar and the younger brother of former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Nawaz Khokhar.

It is worth mentioning here that Taji Khokhar was considered a powerful figure but since October 4, 2018, According to the Anti-Terrorism Act, persons placed on the Fourth Schedule cannot leave their respective districts without informing the concerned police and have to submit bail bonds to the police. Nawaz Sharif also took a stand on the decision in the broadsheet case. Besides, a person placed on the fourth schedule should not have an arms license.

If the arms license had already been issued, it would be considered revoked and the arms would be taken to the nearest police station. If this does not happen, the weapons will be confiscated and those who possess such weapons will be punished. According to the law, such people cannot be issued passports or travel abroad. According to the sources, the police have included the names of Taji Khokhar and his son in the list of 25 people on the terror watch list.

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