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Taiwan’s Government Approves an Anti-Viral drug for Coronavirus

On Saturday, Taiwan approved Gilead Sciences an anti-viral drug named remdesivir to treat the patients of coronavirus.  

The government is running to boost the supply of the remdesivir as it has also been approved by the US regulators earlier this month for emergency use. Gilead said to donate 1.5 million doses of remdesivir which will treat approximately 140, 000 patients.

According to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center said that the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration says that the value of and the safety of the remdesivir drug has been supported by the initial evidence and the drug has also been approved by many other countries.

The approval has been made on the basis of a condition which is that the drug will be used with severe coronavirus infection.

Taiwan has succeeded in preventing COVID-19 from spreading more. The credit goes to early detection, prevention work, and a first-rate public health system.

The country reported 442 with seven deaths. A large number of have recovered with fourteen active cases.

Yet there is no medication or vaccine approved for coronavirus but many of the European Union countries are using remdesivir on the COVID-19 patients under compassionate rules.

The United Kingdom and Japan have approved the drug to treat the patients, also they have begun supplying the drug to the patients.

Earlier this month, the United States of America approved the emergency use of remdesivir but the approval has yet not been given for broader use of the drug.

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