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Future Of Screen Technology: Is Just Around The Corner

This video projects the behavior of future screens, Samsung has already announced that its focusing more on screen technology. 
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Facebook Denies Logging Users texts, calls and private data without permission

Facebook has been under immense pressure in a row of data breach which occurred last week, according to market watch, Facebook data breach affected...

Apple Investors Demand Action Against Children’s Smartphone Addiction

Apple is asked to take action against children’s smartphone addiction. The fear is that technology will damage the minds of young souls. The concerns...

Journalist Gul Bukhari Returns Home after Hours Long Abduction in Lahore

The columnist and journalist Gul Bukhari has returned home after she was abducted for hours in Lahore by some unknown men.Munizae Jahangir Pakistani journalist...

Cellular Companies Are Deducting Extra Taxes from Consumers

FBR has found some inconsistencies in the taxes cut by cellular companies. FBR claims that mobile services are deducting extra taxes from consumers and...

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