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new generation iPhones

Report Says: Declining Interest of Customers in New Generation iPhones

Analysts have utilized the search trends for summarizing that customers are showing lesser interest in the new generation iPhones.As per the latest statistics report...

PIA suspends driver for turning up ten minutes late

A driver for PIA VIP Coaster service was suspended over the complaint of provincial minister of current government PMLN who was strongly dissatisfied on...

The Petroleum Prices Remain Same for May 2017

Background Recently Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority recommended an increase in the prices of all petroleum products. This, and prices of petroleum for the month...

Mark Zuckerberg to testify data scandal before the Congress

Facebook Inc. has received the invitation to appear before the Congress to testify about how the company collects and used the personal data of...
Roshan Pakistan project

Govt Plans to Introduce Roshan Pakistan Project in Baluchistan

Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar—the Planning Minister informed on Wednesday that it is in the plans of the government to introduce the Roshan Pakistan...

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