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squadron 42

Squadron 42 may finally see a release in 2020

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts reported today that Squadron 42 ought to be accessible to play in 2020. As indicated by Roberts,...

Firefly raises $5.6 million for online learning tools

A London education tech company called Firefly learning launched its SaaS teaching and learning support platform in 2009. It has taken VC investment to...
rolls royce

Rolls Royce to manufacture its own flying cabs for clients

The flying cabs from Airbus and Uber may have some crisp rivalry, yet not exactly in the way they may have anticipated. Rolls Royce...

Daily Food Items that Are Turning Your Teeth Yellow

Teeth are the most prominent part of anyone’s personality. May one wants it or not the first thing to get noticed is the teeth...

The Colosseum of Rome turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law

The ancient Colosseum of Rome turned red on Saturday to express unity with the mistreated Christians, specifically for Asia Bibi—a woman who was sentenced...

Mobile Phones

OPPO F5 Launch Event in Pakistan

OPPO F5 launch event in Pakistan is happening today at 6 pm.https://www.facebook.com/PakistanOPPO/posts/1431867526862551Official transport partner of OPPO F5 launch event is Careem.Who will be present...