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Intel and AMD are teaming up to produce Laptop chips

Both laptop technology rivals Intel and AMD are now joining hands together to produce a new microprocessor that combines Intel’s core architecture and AMD’s...

YouTube Recommends Best Phones for Watching Videos

Samsung has launched its flagship device Galaxy Note 9. As Samsung announced the new device, the company said that Note 9 is a “YouTube...
aldi jobs

German Supermarket Aldi To Create 4000 New Jobs In The UK—Report

Germany-based discount supermarket Aldi Group announced on Tuesday that the company will start recruiting 4000 new employees under the planned large-scale expansion in the...

Tesla makes it own surfboard for $1500

Good news: you won't need to hold up until 2020 to attempt another Tesla-marked ride. Be that as it may, you might need to...
Pakistan Consulate

Pakistan Consulate in Jalalabad to Restart Operations

Pakistan Consulate in Jalalabad is to restart its operations after like a month of its closure. The operations would be resumed from Monday as...

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