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Pakistan and Malaysia Sign 5 ‘Big Projects’

For five ‘big projects’ Memoranda of Understanding has been signed between Malaysia and Pakistan. During an informal discussion with the journalists, the Finance Minister...


phantom black special edition

Xbox reveals Phantom black special edition controllers

A couple of new Xbox One controllers are headed out one month from now, including the clever looking Phantom Black Special Edition. It has...

Volkeswagen Joint Venture With Nvidia For AI expansion beyond self-driving cars

Both the companies unveiled today that they are collaborating on AI development and deep learning into other areas of business for future growth which...
net promoters score

Use net promoters score for your business

Net Promoters score is a management tool that is used to check customer loyalty. It helps in getting insight on the relationship of the...

CreditFix Has Won The Fintech Disrupt Challenge Karandaaz 2017

Karandaaz announced and started Fintech disrupt challenge on May 20 , where Startups from financial technology background were invited from across the country, with...

Facebook Restores Privacy Settings Amid Data Breach Outcry

Yesterday Facebook released new privacy settings for the users aimed at giving more power to the users over how they want to control sharing...

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