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iPhone X

iPhone X copied Android and here is why

The new iPhone X nets a considerable measure of firsts” for Apple gadgets. That bodes well; it speaks to the tech giant’s boldest, priciest...
moon craters

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to discover 6000 new craters on the...

Astronomy has seen a big boon because of artificial intelligence. It is because space is big and takes a long time to look at....

Microsoft to kill Skype Classic from November 1st

Microsoft is killing-off Skype Classic from November 1st. Starting from November, Microsoft will no longer support Skype Classic (7.0). Previously it was planned that...

Google Play Store now allows Android users to make donations

The latest update of the Google Play Store now allows Android users to make charitable donations to non-profit organizations.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: The future electric car is out

Elon Musk's top of the line item making organization, Tesla, has launched the initial 30 units of the electric auto Tesla Model 3. The...

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