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Proton has Officially Entered Pakistani Market

Among the series of agreement between Malaysia and Pakistan, the joint venture between Malaysia’s Proton and Pakistan’s Al-Haj Group has been the...


soft loan

Govt of Punjab to Introduce Soft Loan Scheme for Youths

The government of Punjab has taken the decision to introduce a “credit guarantee scheme” for the facilitation of soft loan to the youths interested...
messenger app

Messenger app: The new jab at Snapchat

Facebook is now the social media platform that jumped to the bandwagon of videos that disappear after 24 hours. Social media platform introduced a...

Edhi’s website has been hacked

In a somewhat uncommon advancement, it seems that somebody has taken control of Edhi's authentic site. All donations made to a PayPal account —...

Expected Rise in Hajj/Umrah Fees—Saudi Arab

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to increase its yearly revenues has commenced taking various measures, which includes the amount of Saudi Riyal two thousand...
pathways to progress

How to Get a Job in Pakistan – Complete Guide

From the day you are born to the day you die, the struggle is never-ending. From learning ‘ABC’, ‘123’, to acquiring knowledge through schools,...

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