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Samsung plans to revamp S9 with new leaked plans

It might have chosen to take after its own design ethos for the Galaxy S9, however Samsung is intending to take after whatever remains...

10 Interesting Facts About Samsung

Samsung is a common name when it comes to purchasing electronic appliances. It deals in a lot of stuff from phones to TV’s, this...
petrol prices

Petroleum Product Prices To Remain Same For The Month Of August

Petroleum products prices would remain same for August, as per an announcement made by Ministry of FinancePOL price adjustment was not made by the...

Facebook Facial Recognition Feature Launched Today in Pakistan

In order to overcome privacy issues on social media apps, Facebook introduced a facial recognition feature that allows users to know when their picture...

Pakistan Post “Same Day Delivery Service” Launched

Pakistan Post has launched ‘Same Day Delivery Service’. It is a new delivery service specifically for delivering goods & services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi...

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