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Bahria Town

SC Accepts the Offer of Bahria Town Karachi

On Thursday the Supreme Court has accepted the offer of Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town offered Rs460billion in settlements for the Karachi...


Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan –Sign the Petition

An online petition has started which states ‘Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi Prime Minister of Pakistan for Nobal Prize for Peace’.
Thai Airways

Thai Airways Cancels Flights Over Pakistan

Thousands of holidaymakers were left stranded in Bangkok on Thursday after Thai Airways annulled all flights over Pakistan following the decision of...

The top twitter hashtags for the year 2017 are here

Twitter shows that our newsfeed has been loaded with free chicken strips, presidents, and catastrophes. Twitter as of late shared its rundown of the...

Google’s Pixelbook is the gadget of the future

Google is bringing back the Chromebook Pixel, with a marginally extraordinary name. The new Google’s Pixelbook is a top of the line Chromebook 2-in-1...

Xiaomi will launch Rugged Smartphones with IP certification in 2018

According to the latest rumors, Xiaomi is working on a new robust powerfully built smartphone with IP certification. Still, to evaluate the rumors against...

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