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Baluchistan Establishing Online System For Land Records

Baluchistan has been an area of negligence for many years and has remained stagnant in its norms and customs. Finally we can see some...
Income Tax Ordinance

Changes in Income Tax Ordinance Approved

Changes in the Finance Act 2018’s Income Tax Ordinance have been approved. The amendments were introduced by the federal government. They have been approved...
hashtags in reviews

Google Maps has added the ability to add hashtags in reviews

Google has acquainted another element with Maps that will make business reviews more valuable. Presently, clients who leave reviews for neighborhood establishments can incorporate...

Video of Baggage System Failure at New Islamabad Airport Revealed

It was really shocking to see the new Islamabad Airport was struck by baggage system failure, the people around the baggage carousel were passengers waiting...

Twitter testing new features encourage conversations and status

Twitter has never been a friendly place for conversations, it can be anything from trolling to harassment and from bullying to defamation. But some...

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