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PIA earns millions of rupees revenue under austerity drive

According to the media details, the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has earned millions of rupees revenue under the austerity campaign initiated by the government...

PPP Gifted 10 Buses to Karachi

As an offering of some relief to the residents of Karachi from this heat, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has gifted ten new buses to the...

Bragi is suing OnePlus over trademark violation for the Dash

Do you see quite a bit of an association between smart earbuds and quick cell phone charging? No? Bragi would don't think so. The...

Cloudflare expands its datacenters in Pakistan including other cities

Cloudflare is a popular company in Content Delivery Network (CDN) category which provides cloud services to the websites, web applications and online contents in...

Lamborghini Will Now Become A Super Electric Car: Says CEO

Chief Executive Officer of luxury sports car brand Lamborghini said on Wednesday that, Lamborghini is now focusing on producing low carbon emissions and it...

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