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Pakistan’s Foreign Reserves fell by $130 million reached $18.8 billion

Pakistan’s Foreign Reserves have been under immense pressure during the past few years, previously reported in November; Pakistan’s foreign reserves were decreased by $95...
LG K7i

The LG K7i is a phone that repels mosquitoes

What do you think of a mobile phone that can repel mosquitoes? Truly, you read it right. LG has presented another cell phone that...
e-commerce market

E-Commerce Market in Pakistan Experienced Significant Growth

The e-commerce market in Pakistan has witnessed major development. The country has got the highest rates of mobile and internet penetration in South Asia,...

DuckDuckGo hits the 30 million searches per day benchmark

DuckDuckGo, a security-centered web search tool, accomplished another point of achievement by performing in excess of 30 million direct searches in a solitary day.The...

Prices of Basic Items Re-Fixed for Ramazan

The District Price Control Authority has revised the prices of the basic food items owing to the coming of the blessed month—Ramazan and a...

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