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differential privacy

Apple’s differential privacy may leave you more vulnerable

As indicated by another research, the client information Apple is gathering through data mining isn't as anonymous as you may think. A year ago,...

Apple Launched Its YouTube Channel Loaded with iPhone Tips and Tricks

Apple without any heat or noise launched its Apple Support YouTube Channel on Monday. The channel is provided with short video sessions relating iPhone...
Crystal Meth Pakistan

The growing influence of Crystal Meth in Pakistan

Crystal Meth, a short name of Crystal Methamphetamine a recreational drug which is now a growing problem for not only Pakistan but also western...

A quick glimpse of marketing on the internet

The web 2.0 is a wonderful place for self-expression and provides more than enough marketing opportunities for your brand. It literally takes nothing to...

Pakistani Rupee Drops to an all-time low against the UAE Dirham

After the ruling PTI government of Pakistan approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout package the rupee has dropped down.  Pakistani Rupee...

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