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Petrol Prices Increased for November

The government of Pakistan has increased the prices of all petroleum products. It is increased up to 11% and this is applicable from November.Prime...
Iranian rial

Iranian rial is all time low against US dollar

It’s not just Turkish Lira that suffered, Iranian rial hits an all-time low on Monday despite central bank efforts to curb the decline.The Iranian...

You can watch Solar Eclipse next week live on Twitter

Twitter has made an early partnership with Weather Channel in order to live stream upcoming solar eclipse next week. The solar eclipse normally follows...

Helmet with smart lights can keep your bicycle ride safe

Riding a bicycle in busy metropolitan areas or at night can be more dangerous than the normal situation. To keep people secure while cycling,...

ROG Phone: Device made for every gamer out there

Republic Of Gamers (ROG) – ASUS' gaming brand – has reported its first ever phone. The phone is called ROG phone. The fundamental focal...

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