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seo is dead

Is SEO dead? 8 Reasons that Makes SEO alive which brings...

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique that enables users as well as search engines to search for and understand the content posted on...

Apple to launch upgraded MacBook Air 2018 with Core i7-8510Y soon

Apple is going to launch an upgraded MacBook Air 2018 with Core i7-8510Y soon dubbed “MacBookAir8,1” Geekbench confirms.Apple has recently tested a new device...
entrepreneurial gene

7 Signs That Tells You Have An Entrepreneurial Gene

Entrepreneurship is becoming a really hot topic nowadays, during the past decade it has achieved widespread popularity amongst masses. All this is due to...
smartphone battery

How to charge your smartphone battery faster?

One of the most common questions asked on the internet is how to get the maximum out of your smartphone battery? We’re living in...
ice cream brands

47 Ice cream Brands Declared Not Suitable for Consumption

47 ice cream brands have been declared unsafe for human consumption by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Saturday.

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