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Apple Investors Demand Action Against Children’s Smartphone Addiction

Apple is asked to take action against children’s smartphone addiction. The fear is that technology will damage the minds of young souls. The concerns...
kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 gets leaked six weeks ahead of launch

It's not inconceivable for games to get to players days before dispatch on account of production network leaks, privateers or energetic retailers....
petroleum group

Petroleum Group Exports Increased 97.2pc in 3 Months

The petroleum group exports have seen a sharp increase of 97.2 per cent during the first quarter of the present financial year in comparison...

Youtube Monetization in Pakistan promises big revenue

Youtube is a video sharing website that is very popular in Pakistan. It is a source for both entertainment and information. Previously, Youtube did not...

Lahore Ranked Second Worst City in Daily World Air Quality

Lahore has been ranked as the second worst city in the world in terms of the Daily World Air Quality. The first city ranked...

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