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automatic image recognition

Dropbox has employed automatic image recognition to make search easier

There's nothing more terrible than burdening yourself over a heap of PDFs containing documents scanned as pictures when you rapidly need to locate a...
Social Media Tools

5 Powerful Social Media Tools for Successful Campaigns

Internet has become a necessary part of our lives and playing an important role in marketing as well. Social media marketing strategy becomes more...

Cyber criminal arrested in Lahore

Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Cyber Crime Circle has arrested a man in Lahore on Monday who was behind the fake Facebook page titled “Ubqari”.During...

Saudi Arabia Assures to Increase Hajj Quota for Pakistan

Saudi Arabia would be increasing the Hajj quota for Pakistani Hajj aspirants. The decision to increase Hajj quota for Pakistan would be implemented from...

Many Pakistani government websites hacked by Indian hackers

Official sites of many Pakistani services, including Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Works and others have been hacked...

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