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Reddit: Rolling out Video Sharing feature soon

You are more likely to know about Reddit in the event that you are using the web for some time. Reddit figured out how...
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Give $3 billion to Pakistan

In a major development, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has agreed to give $3 billion for a year to Pakistan for preventing a balance...

NHA to Modify Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road

National Highway Authority (NHA) has pursued applications for getting the consultancy services for the design review and the supervision of the construction activities related...
index blog posts quickly

How To Index Your Blog Posts Quickly

Many bloggers ask how to index blog posts quickly. Every blogger spends so much time in searching for the right topic for his blog, research...

Facebook Sign Deals With Media Groups For Original Video Service

Facebook has made contracts with various media groups to create programs for its forthcoming video service. These entertainment and news groups include BuzzFeed, Vox...

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