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Pak Suzuki Officially Discontinues Mehran VX

For many years, the news has been making rounds that Pak Suzuki is discontinuing its most loved, popular and sold car Suzuki Mehran. Media...
wireframe tools

Best wireframe tools for designers

When making and app or website then most developers or designers need wireframe tools. Wireframe tools help in designing websites and apps by visually...

China Bike Sharing Business is around the corner of collapsing

China as the world’s populous country appears to be abandoning Bike sharing over time, one of the largest bike sharing company which is about...

Sphero has acquired Specdrums for an unknown value

It is not easy to pin point precisely how Sphero’s pivot to education is going in these early stages, but it recently got a strong boost...
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Give $3 billion to Pakistan

In a major development, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has agreed to give $3 billion for a year to Pakistan for preventing a balance...

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